What is it?

RCP Quiz Engine is an application written in Java and Eclipse RCP technology that aims to provide a comprehensive quiz authoring and taking solution. Being standalone and simple, it could be used in schools, training centers and by individuals.

Download and try it

The application is written in Java and can run on any computer with Java installed.

RCP Quiz Engine can be used as a teaching tool by individuals and organizations to support education efforts through quizzes. The application was designed to have a simple but effective interface to define quizzes in a tree like structure. Setting quiz passing score and time limit is a matter of a few simple clicks. Multiple choice, true/false and input field questions are supported. The progress report view allows the user to quickly measure their progress through the available quizzes.

Open Source

RCP Quiz Engine is Open Source. It is release under the Eclipse Public License. Everyone can modify the application to suit their needs.


RCP Quiz Engine was created after the author's wish and commitment to learn how to write applications in Eclipse RCP and related technologies. RCP Quiz Engine is a work in progress and will evolve and get enhanced as new Eclipse (and other) technologies are mastered.